Karl Elkins

 Karl Elkins

Karl Elkins


About Karl:

Karl Elkins, ThM, MA, LPC-S, is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor having met with over 4700 clients in his 26 years of counseling. He specializes in marriage counseling supporting clients in recovery from serious issues like infidelity, communication breakdown, and emotional disconnection. His passionate goal is to help people experience deeper and more joyful intimacy with God and others in marriage, family, and the church by experiencing biblical truth.

He teaches marriage and family undergraduate courses at the College of Biblical Studies, and Doctor of Ministry Courses at Singapore seminary. Karl has recorded 25 television episodes entitled ”Building Healthy Relationships” for the College of Biblical Studies program “Up with the Son." His TV shows also include “Understanding Spiritual Gifts” and “How To Fully Forgive.” Karl has Master’s degrees in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and Counseling from Colorado Christian University. Karl directed a Minirth-Meier New Life Clinic in Houston and served with Intimate Life Ministries, Center for Relational Care, and Center for Relational Leadership under Dr. David Ferguson, creator of “Intimacy Therapy.”

Mentored by Dr. Norman Geisler in apologetics and theology with training from Dr. Josh McDowell, Karl has an excellent theological framework and skilled at defending the Christian faith (apologetics). Karl is gifted at teaching practical applications from the Bible and has taught over 3500 Bible studies and classes. Karl married his amazing wife 21 years ago and has two wonderful children and two awesome grandchildren.

  • Credentials:


    • Bachelor of Business Administration degree (Marketing Major) University of Texas
    • LPC-S Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor status
    • ThM. (Theology and Apologetics) Dallas Theological Seminary
    • M.A. (Biblical Counseling) Colorado Christian University
    • Postgraduate studies (Counseling) Liberty University
    • PhD. (Christian Counseling) Louisiana Baptist University (not accredited in Texas).