A Customer Testimonial

Having been to many marriage conferences, Joe and Suzan were each convinced that 90 percent of their marriage problems were the other’s fault.

Joe thought that by attending the Christway marriage clinic, Suzan would finally realize the steps that she needed to take in order to improve their marriage. But he was shocked when Karl, through the log-and-speck principle found in the Bible, helped him realize that in reality 90 percent of their marriage problems were his responsibility.

Joe perceived himself as the “good guy,” and as a professor of Biblical counseling, he had a Bible verse for everything Suzan did wrong. However, the counseling he received through Karl helped him realize that he was neglecting a critical aspect of any good marriage—meeting Suzan’s needs. Since work was more rewarding than home life, Joe started spending more time at the office and work quickly became a higher priority than Suzan. In fact, Joe realized Suzan had fallen to the number five priority in his life.

Suzan’s anger and mean words weren’t out of spite—they were a cry for help to her husband. Because Joe wasn’t meeting his wife’s needs, Suzan became very frustrated and felt like she was in a hopeless situation that she was powerless to change.

With the help of Christway, Suzan realized that God offered her true hope. While it would always be a struggle to not act according to the flesh, she could take hold of this hope by looking into God’s word and allow it dwell in and cleanse her life through Christ’s righteousness.

Suzan and Joe both realized the importance of humility in any good marriage and are learning to focus on their own responsibilities rather than those of their spouse.

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